Alexandra’s story

It was around 11: 30pm on January 17th when I was heading downtown from Orleans on route 95. I was sitting closer to the front on the right side where there are two seats facing forward and where an exit door is situated right in front. There was a man sitting to my left and by the time we arrived to campus station the bus was then full.

I decided to get up in order to get off at Laurier which was the next stop and hopefully let someone else sit down. When I did so, no one took the seat and so I was crammed between two people. I was facing forward. I soon realized that there was someone behind me that was pushing onto me every time the bus would stop slightly. I wasn’t sure if it was a man or a woman at the time but did not think much of it considering the social circumstances. I soon realized it wasn’t an imbalance; he was grinding up on me.

I arrived at Laurier Station at 12:50. When I was preparing to eagerly get off, the man groped my ass. As a reflex I hit his hand in shock and anger. In that instant he sarcastically said: “I’m sorry” like his action was an accident. I was so scared that I tried getting off as quickly as possible. I turned around to see a man about 5’11’ wearing a ball cap that was red and blue. He was wearing jeans and a light short winter jacket. Middle aged, Caucasian. When I got off I then realized what had happened.

Like many women who find themselves in these situations, I wish there could have been something else that I could of done more then just file a report. We cannot be scared to stand up for our rights to walk freely in public spaces without being harassed any longer. I refuse to spend the rest of my life looking over my shoulder.