Harassment on #2!

After some drinks with a friend in Westboro on January 27, 2014, I got on the 2 Rideau Centre around 9:20 pm. The bus ride was quiet until we hit Somerset and Preston, when an older man who was obviously intoxicated boarded the bus and sat in the seats in front of me. He didn’t bother anybody until the bus reached Somerset and Bronson around 9:30 pm, when some visibly underage girls got on the bus. I noticed that he started leering at one of the girls, and he eventually started speaking to her in a derogatory manner. She ignored him for part of her bus ride and rolled her eyes and responded to him dismissively for the other part, but she was clearly uncomfortable with the situation. At this point I was wearing my headphones, but I had no music playing, and I was about to speak up to the man and tell him to lay off when she and her group of friends exited the bus at Dundonald Park.

This is when I, fed up with his disgusting behaviour, took his picture to send to Hollaback, which I have attached here. He tried to speak to me, but I pretended to listen to my iPod and ignored him. A few minutes later, at Somerset and Bronson, a very young girl boarded the bus and sat next to me. This girl appeared very young, and she was probably about 14 or 15 years old. He immediately started leering at her and said some very disgusting sexual things to her, including something about a blowjob. She immediately switched seats and looked very upset. He then started bothering other people of various genders and ages on the bus, and eventually stopped yelling. I yelled at him to fuck off when I exited the bus at the Rideau Centre, but he was too intoxicated to notice.

I just wish I had been more assertive in getting him to lay off harassing these clearly underage girls. This guy is the lowest of the low.