Rachel’s story!

I was standing outside of Zaphods, in the middle of a very crowded street. People were coming and going and passing by me in every direction going in and out of the different bars located in that area. I was standing on the sidewalk in between Zaphods and one of the bars that the strip club, Barefaxx (I believe it is called), which is located right beside Zaphods in Ottawa. The street was heavy with people and had come out on a last minute whim upon my friends request.

I fully understand that how you dress does not have anything to do with being sexually assaulted, and tonight was a clear case of that, because I was wearing my guy friend’s baggy sweater. I was just standing there, when a man walked by me and deliberately grabbed my breast as he past. When I turned to reject he ran through the crowd, and I could no longer see him. When I told my friends they made it seem as though it wasn’t a big deal and told me to brush it off. It really really bothered me. I wish that I could have held him responsible. I don’t know why he felt the need to do that. It was degrading and poisoned my personal space and security.