Logan’s story!

I was on the 95 back from Barrhaven with a couple friends after getting sushi at the 1000 Islands when these 5 guys got on the bus. They sat around us (me and two friends) and began playing rap music loudly off one of their phones. They then looked over at us and began making comments, asking us about the song and other questions. It was at this point that I put my earphones in and listened to my own music, since rap irritates me.

A few minutes after, I saw one of the guys in front of me [I was in the back corner of the bus] holding his phone sideways and pointed at me. When I looked up, he pointed it down and I could see his shoes in the screen of his phone, a camera application.

My friends and I, at this point, were feeling very uncomfortable and very frightened, and one of my friends who had been sexually harassed before, was shaking. I told my other friend to keep her safe and I went up to tell the bus driver what was going on.

When cops stopped the bus to get us and the guys off at Baseline, my friends told me that the guys were making comments like “I want the one in the corner”, “The one with the blue hair [me] is mine”. I don’t know what the cops did, but I hope these men did not get away with what they did.