Laura’s story!

I was walking through Mooney’s bay beach to meet my boyfriend in the parking lot. I purposefully put all my clothes on over my bathing suit to avoid cat-calls. In the park I was passing I saw a large group of men. I quickened my pace but saw one running toward me. He was yelling something like “hey girl” but I ignored him. When he caught up to me he asked me general questions, “what was I doing at the beach” “how was I”. I responded with “you know girls hate being yelled at right?” He said his friends had told him to come talk to me but that they were idiots. I asked him why he did it if he knew that. He responded he was just “playing”. I said I wasn’t interested and he grabbed my arm. I gave him the dirtiest look I could manage and eventually he disappeared. I never told my boyfriend that he grabbed my arm. I received no cat calls on the way back to the beach, armed with a man. This needs to stop.