Nicole’s story!

Left my apartment, walked to the other side of the road right beside the Metro. I noticed a shifty-looking balding guy in a dark jacket over a red-ish plaid shirt with low-hanging pants walking ahead in the parking lot.

Thought he looked weird, so I hung back a bit and reached for my phone (which I had forgotten at home). He kept looking back at me and then stopped and waited for me to walk ahead of him. I walked in a big circle to get as far away from him as possible and jogged into the grocery store and hid behind a display so that he couldn’t see me.

I noticed him again while I was shopping, but figured he wasn’t really following me, he was just grocery shopping.

On my way to pay, I noticed that he was in the express lane, so I went to arguably the longest line a few lines away (with my 5 items, might I add) to avoid him. He followed me to my line. I walked back to the express line, he followed me there too. I finally went back to another line, he didn’t follow me this time and I tried to hide behind a display so he wouldn’t see me when I left.

When I left the store, he was gone.