Kat’s story!

While leaving Sexapalooza tonight, I was getting a drink from the water fountain. A man walked by to use the washroom and said, “I like the way you drink that water”. I jumped up to say “excuse me’ when e continued into the bathroom laughing. As I was getting into my car, a car of men drove by again yelling, ” I like the way you drink”.

As a survivor of numerous sexual assaults and too many experiences with cat calling, I had enough. After confrontation infront of a crowded building with many by-standards, much yelling was done. During this time, I found I was faced against a group of military men as I yelled to them about respect for women. I got an apology after this, which clearly was not accepted. The fact that I was sexually harassed by these men REPEATEDLY can not be erased by a “sorry”. As the confrontation continued, one man (ONE man) from the crowd stepped in to advise me to walk away, they’re not worth my time.

Although I am sure his intentions were good. I feel that telling a woman who has been sexually harassed twice by a group of men to “walk away” allows the harassers to avoid responsibility for their actions. It also made me feel as though I am to once again, walk away from someone who has intentionally made me feel uncomfortable in my own space. The harassers then proceeded to call the man a “faggot” because he was wearing a kilt. When I confronted them about using the term “faggot”, he explained he has a gay brother which allows him to use this term. This all happened while a crowd of by-standards watched. Not one word was said by anyone. The men then returned to into their vehicle and once again yelled, “I like the way you drink”.

Such a short sentence that those men have no idea how much it affected me.