Jane’s experiences of harassment!

I am a white woman who is mature and good-looking at 5 foot 8. This causes me a lot of problems. It should be noted I have lived in 4 provinces and other big cities and I rarely had a problem like I do here in Ottawa.

I had a man come up when I got off the bus, he started smiling. I think he was on the bus and had walked behind me. He told me ‘He’s lost,¬† can I help him?’ He said he needed to get to a certain station and first he needs to go to Hurdman but he said he wanted me to TAKE HIM to at least Hurdman. He pretended to be lost etc but I caught on. I said ‘No, I’m busy’ and walked fast away. When I got to the other side I noted he was hanging around the station waiting for other potential women. Then I saw him waiting for a bus on the OPPOSITE side of where he said he had to go!

I also cannot sit at most Tim Hortons for a coffee even with a fake wedding ring on because I get sexual glares, men smiling, men coming up and flirting, I get followed etc.

I also had to turn down a job 2 years ago in Orleans as I would have had to take a bus through Blair station and its very unsafe at that station. That is where a woman was raped and almost beaten to death and robbed by 3 men.