Mariloo’s story!

I work in the Market and, most days, I go out for a walk during my lunch break to get some fresh air. Today, around noon, I went for a walk in the market as usual. Given that it’s Casual Friday at work, I’m wearing jeans, flats, a jacket, a scarf and sunglasses. On my way back to work, this guy on the sidewalk starts to walk beside me then steps in front of me to block my path. He starts telling me how cute I am and that he wants to talk to me. I don’t even let him finish and push past him with a groan. He might not have insulted or degraded me, but it’s still harassment because he physically blocked my path and made me feel incredibly uncomfortable.

What does a girl have to do to be left alone when she’s out in public?! Lately I’ve been harassed at least once a week during my lunchtime walks. I’m sick of it!