Kat’s story!

Last night I went out with some friends to a bar downtown and stayed out until about 3am. My boyfriend had worked late so he didn’t come with us, so I found myself bussing home alone at night. Halfway through the bus ride a man who was sitting down behind me stood up and started whispering in my ear that I was pretty and I should come with him. I firmly said no I am going home to my boyfriend right now and walked through the crowd to the front of the bus with my back to him.

A few moments later I felt a hand on my butt and another whisper in my ear “No it’s ok I’m going to Baseline you can just come with me.” Again I told him no I’m going home to my boyfriend and he repeated the same thing, the whole time grabbing my ass. He had already told me what stop he was getting off at and my stop was before that, so as soon as we got to my stop I got off as quickly as possible. This guy followed me off the bus and half way to my house! I called my best guy friend since I knew my boyfriend would be asleep and started loudly talking to him as if he were my boyfriend and only then did this guy stop following me.

Even though I never felt like I was actually in very much danger (this guy was much smaller than me, even if this might be a stupid view for me to have) it still made me feel horribly embarrassed and I was still a bit scared. Having a total stranger grab my ass repeatedly like he owned it made me feel demoralized.