Véronique’s story!

I was on the bus and it was in the afternoon. I sat in the back where there’s some benches that are facing each other and a man in his 50s sat right across me. I was alone in the back with him but he looked quite harmless and since he had embarked where there were condos for the elderly, I didn’t suspect anything. He started talking to me and I listened since sometimes elderly people are lonely. At one point he said “Hey my name is…. (I don’t remember it)” and he took out his hand to shake mine. I gave him mine and he grabbed it and held it. When I tried to pull away, he started stroking my leg saying “You know I could be your boyfriend if you want”. I was 16.

I got so scared and I was alone in the bus I just pulled my hand away and got up screaming NO and I just got off the bus. I later reported him to the police, but what can they do without a picture. I gave them his description and I hope every day that I can see him again and call the police on him. Because what he did was inappropriate and it made me scared for life to be around men his age on the bus.

If he did this to me, my guessing is he can do it again and I hope the next girl will have him locked up before he harms anyone.