Chalk Walk – TODAY!

Our last Chalk Walk was a resounding success, so we thought another walk before the weather gets too cold would be a great idea!

Never been to a Chalk Walk? Think all the fun of being a five year old with a box of chalk and empty pavement combined with the energy of reclaiming the streets and engaging those you meet in conversations about street harassment and the importance of bystander intervention!

Meet-up in front of the Bridgehead at the corner of Sparks & Metcalfe for 11am. We’ll wander around downtown until 1pm and then debrief at a local coffee shop.

No need to bring any chalk, but if you have some – bring it!


Everyone is welcome! Feel free to bring your children, pets, strollers, scooters, partners, grandmothers, colleagues, that cute guy you’re trying to convert to feminism.

Sadly, we learned last time that chalking is a major NO-NO on Sparks street, therefore please keep this in mind. We’re meeting on Sparks but not chalking there!



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