Kelly’s story

I was waiting in front of the beer store, keeping shelter from the rain as I waited for the bus. My hands were full carrying a huge plant.

A man:
– 5″10-6ft
– black hair, medium build
– 25-30 yrs old
– blue/green sneakers, jeans, shirt with graphics
– carrying can of beer, strong likelihood of being intoxicated

Approached me to my right as I faced the street. I was standing right in front of the window, he then awkwardly tried to get behind me. I shuffled, I hear the can drop and then his hands were on my legs and up my dress.

I backed away, telling him to ‘F*ck off and back up’ to which he snickered and started to taunt me. Eventually he moved and crossed the street. Several people at this point had walked between this ordeal and said nothing. He then waited across the street, pacing and making gestures. I paced, checking my phone, looking for bus times, trying to flag a cab. Eventually I stopped a man and told him what was happening and pointed the guy out. He waited with me until I was safely flagging down a cab.