Samantha’s story!

Since Guyana does not have a Hollaback! chapter of its own, we are publishing this story submitted to us by an Ottawa native currently living in Georgetown, Guyana.

On a public bus (mini bus),Georgetown, Guyana, June 20, 2013, approximately 8:00a.m.

Became the main attraction on a bus today. After politely asking the man in front of me to stop starring and attempting to whisper what he wanted to do to me while licking his lips, it became clear he wasn’t getting the message. I said “sir you are probably a really nice person but I am really not interested and you are making me feel uncomfortable, I am just trying to get to work”. His response- “common’ baby can I have your number?” I looked around the bus to gauge whether or not anyone else was going to speak up about this man’s obviously inappropriate behavior. Two other men, both fully aware that this guy was making me uncomfortable said nothing. I got off the bus and walked.

Why must women continue to structure their daily lives around the disturbing behaviours of some men? No I did not like it. No I was not flattered. No I do not have to just take it.