Meg’s story

Was looking forward to a lovely, solo walk home after a great evening with a friend in the market. An unbelievably beautiful night, when you don’t even mind that you’re out of bus tickets because the night air is so pleasant.

Waiting at a red light when a cab full of 4 guys rolls down all the windows and starts hollering. “Look at that skirt”, “come join us!”, “sexy fucking glasses” (<– really? Whatever floats your boat, I guess). I wish I hadn’t simply rolled my eyes and walked away, but all I wanted to do was melt and disappear into the sidewalk and get away from your eyes and your words that made me feel so uncomfortable.

What I really hate is that for a split second I felt like I’d done something wrong for existing in that moment on that sidewalk. What I hate even more than that is that this was probably just some pathetic attempt at male-bonding; I’m sure you’re probably just some “nice” guys, having a great time, headed downtown to meet up with some nice girls, thoroughly enjoying your night out.

It’s just that the way you enjoyed your “great night out” absolutely ruined mine.

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