Claire’s story!

I know he was staring at me when I was waiting for the bus. I had my headphones in so I don’t know if he was trying to talk to me. I did notice that he was trying to catch my eye but I was not in the mood to talk. I busied myself with my phone, eyes down, until the bus arrived. I smiled when he let me go ahead of him to get on but that was not an invitation for him to sit with me in a bus with barely half the seats filled. The the way he sat next to me, body shifted to face me. I felt very small.
He motioned for me to remove my headphones. I did and raised my eyebrows.
“Wow, look at this thing!” If I hadn’t quickly moved away my septum ring would have been between his grimy thumb and forefinger “Woah sweetie, wasn’t going to hurt ya. Looks good on ya” he sneered. I grabbed my purse and sat in another seat.
He continued to berate me until it was my stop. According to him, I was a smart ass and a bitch for denying him an opportunity to invade my space, to make himself feel big. He pretended to not understand why I would’t want someone touching me, especially since I had this “fetish gear” on my face.
He felt entitled to my attention, and used aggression to get it. When I wouldn’t give it to him, I was the bitch.
No one said anything to him, everyone just busied themselves with their phones or looked out the window as I held back tears until I could get in my office and close the door behind me.