Nothing like being harassed on International Women’s Day…

I was walking home from work a few months ago, from Centertown into Lowertown. I often walk up Sussex, so I can pass by the wedding dress store at Sussex and Clarence. They have beautiful dresses and every other week or so, I go by there specifically to have a look at the new display in the window. I was standing in front of the store, admiring a new dress and enjoying that it was a beautiful afternoon when four men in a car pulled up to the corner and yelled something at me. I didn’t hear the first part, but I did turn around. When I turned, one of them screamed right at me, “Hey! HOW’D YOU LIKE TO SUCK A BIG COCK!”. Then they laughed, like it was just another hilarious part of their day, and drove off up Sussex.

For a second, I was a little stunned. But as I’ve gotten older and more confident, I decided to stop letting these things slide when I have the opportunity to say something. So even though they’d driven off, I started power walking up Sussex, towards where their car was stuck at the light.

They must have seen me coming, since I could see the guy in the passenger seat turn and look behind him, and then gesture to the driver. As they panicked and made an illegal right turn into the market to escape me, I did manage to yell “REALLY? ON INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY??” They sped off into the market, afraid, I guess, of my anger. Embarrassed, I hope, of their behaviour, as grown men, to shout something so gross and idiotic at a total stranger.


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