Woman got her photo taken by a creeper!

I am going to classify this as ‘stalking’ as well as ‘other’.

Wednesday afternoon (at ‘quitting time’) I was in the SDM, in line at the cash, waiting to get to the soft drink coolers. I got to the coolers, selected my soft drink, turned around and headed back to my place in line – I just spotted a guy with his Blackberry, caught sight of my photo – on his display, and him just sending off an email. I stood there, asked him if he liked his Blackberry, he admitted yes, this was his work phone and he had an IPhone as well. But the Blackberry was his work phone. Anyways, got to pay for my soft drink, he was at the cash next to me and bought bus tickets. I left the store, then I said just loud enough that it is not right to be taking pictures of people that you don’t know. He then sped up to get to the Metcalfe and Slater doors and headed towards the westbound bus stop. I should have yelled it out, but too darn polite to do so. This was a white guy – late 30’s early 40’s light brown hair. That is all we need, another slimebag taking photos of women – at least it wasn’t in the w/c. The attitude of this guy – and also using his work phone to boot! If he works for the gov’t, he ought to be ashamed of that behaviour.

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