Amie’s story + They’re looking for your help!

About two weeks ago a few friends and I went out on Elgin to walk around and have some drinks. As we were waiting for the bus, this white pickup truck drove by and the man sitting in the back, wearing a red baseball cap yelled some things out at us. Because there was a lot of noises around it was hard to hear, but the word vagina was in there. We didn’t really do much because it happened so suddenly and we were’t sure what to do.

About a week ago a friend and I were waiting for the bus on Bronson and Holmwood. The same truck with the same person drove by and yelled at us again.

It really upsets me that these men get their kicks out of driving around and harassing women. I want to know if any one else has experienced the same thing with this person or what can be done if I see them again. Any ideas?