Video cameras on buses

“Video cameras on OC Transpo worth $1M plus price tag, say cities”¬† Read the article in full here.

Our position:

Video cameras on buses are great reactive measures in terms of making arrests for sexual violence, but it ends there.

We live in a security culture; everyone assumes they’re on camera, either because most public spaces have them or because most people have a camera phone just sitting in their pockets.

The motion to put cameras on buses came from the driver’s union and was put forward before the news of sexual assaults on buses came to light.

Cameras on buses are meant to protect the drivers and in this case, protect the drivers from the scandals that have recently come out where drivers are recorded on cell phone cameras ‘behaving badly’. In those instances, the drivers have argued that the cellphone footage was taken out of context. Therefore, a camera on a bus would protect them by showing what happens before and after people take cellphone footage.

If the City is going to spend upwards of a million dollars on cameras, then they surely have some money to spare for public education regarding harassment and assault. And it’s those kinds of preventative measures we’d like to see.

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