Holla! in the press

With the recent arrest of a man in connection with a series of sexual assaults on transit and the even more recent news of two more sexual assaults in the city, we’ve been asked to comment publicly on the prevalence of sexual assault and harassment on public transit.

First, The Ottawa Citizen.

Then, CBC Ottawa’s radio show ‘All in a Day’.

When listeners were asked for their perspective, it was clear that harassment is a reality for many.



Unfortunately, many people have chosen to focus on the perceived conflict between Hollaback! Ottawa and the City of Ottawa / OC Transp as a result of our contentious meeting in February rather than the real issue at hand: Harassment is happening on transit and we need to collectively respond appropriately.

If you want to work with us to address street harassment on public transit, holla at us! We are still planning an open forum for the evening of May 15.



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