Arrest made in harassment cases

Harassment on transit is our 2013 priority. In February, we met with City Hall and OC Transpo officials to discuss the issue and sadly, we did not leave there feeling like it was a priority for the City.

On the weekend, a woman spoke to CTV about her experience of being sexually assaulted on an OC Transpo bus. The woman, Kaleigh Langdon, wanted to tell her story in order to alert other women that harassment is happening on transit.

Sadly, news has come out today that there have been a string of assaults on transit that were all committed by the same man. (No word on whether it’s the same man who assaulted Kaleigh).

Here is the police release about the arrest.

What now?

After we left our meeting in February with City Hall dissatisfied with their response, we connected with WISE: Women’s Initiatives for Safer Environments and are in the planning stages of an Open Forum on Harassment on Transit planned for the evening of May 15 at the Bronson Centre.

We are in the early planning stages, so if you would like to get involved, holla at us!

In the meantime, keep submitting your stories, keep raising your voice and let’s continue to raise awareness about harassment in public space.

And to all those who have suffered harassment on OC Transpo? We believe you. And we are deeply, deeply sorry.



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  1. talk to, human rights lawyers, this is same as jane doe toronto did not protect women from rapist jane doewon case

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