Katy’s story

One day as I walked to school I noticed 3 (quite fit) guys about my age (15) they were mumbling a conversation when I noticed one of they guys was ogling my butt. The one who was staring at my butt, come next to me, his friends watching every move, and started complimenting my nicely plum bum when one of his friends said ‘get her then jacob’ in return he pinned me up against the wall of the alleyways I had to go down to get to school, he whispered things in my ears like can I get your number and so on while he kissed my neck. I was repulsed and frightened so I screamed ‘GET OFF ME , WHO THE HE’LL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE’ And with that I slapped him hard across his face and ran as fast as I could to school which was just across the street. They didn’t catch up with me luckily so I ran to the head office and informed her of my encounter, she was really kind and understandable about it, so when I finished pouring on about if she helped me write a statement to the police.