Caitlin’s Story

This happened twenty minutes ago. I was walking home from the Byward Market with a friend. As we passed by the National War Memorial my friend told me that she believed she had seen someone flash us. She wasn’t sure of what she had seen and was afraid to look back. I told her to wait and ran back up Elgin street. Sure enough, there was a man (short, caucasian, dressed in dark clothing) across the street at the memorial, looking at us and masturbating. I wish now that I had run across the street and kicked his balls halfway up his spine but instead I settled for standing on the other side of road with my middle finger in the air, screaming.

“You fucking perverted piece of fucking shit! Get the fuck out of here you filthy fucking cumbucket! Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you!”

Not my most eloquent moment I know, but I hope I made up for it in sincerity. That is but an excerpt of the obscenities I screamed at him. They did their trick. He put his dick back in his pants and scuttled away like the cockroach he was. I wish, I wish, I wish I had thought to run after him, to take his picture, to drag him to a police station. But alas, this will have to do.

My friend told me she was glad I was there. This is what I told her and I hope you remember it too: They are cowards. The men who try to intimidate or terrorize us in this way are nothing but cowards. Clench your fists and raise your voice. They cannot face us all.