Sherry’s story

So I’m sitting on an OC Transpo bus going to school when this 45-50 year old man gets on and starts staring at me, not just glances, but full on trying to make eye contact staring and checking me out. I just ignored him until he started moving a seat closer at each stop we made. I moved once a little bit away to try and get my point across to him that I wouldn’t want that attention, but he kept moving until he got up right beside me, he wasn’t moving for other people because he moved from a priority seating seat to another priority seating seat that was closer to the front, and did not move when anyone got on. When he got right beside me I freaked out inside and moved all the way to the back of the bus with a group of teens that was sitting there, of course that didn’t stop him from staring at me turned around in his seat until I got off the bus.

I couldn’t really say anything because from past experiences these guys will just deny they were trying to do anything and try to make you look crazy. But seriously guys STOP being so CREEPY!