Harassment on the train

I was on the train coming home late from school, there weren’t many people on the train and I was practically alone in the cart when a group of boys around a year older then me sat in a group of chairs next to me. I didn’t really pay much attention to them until one called ‘hey babe’ to me. I turned to them and they proceeded to make sexual comments on my body and it made me really uncomfortable. Then one started listing some really gross things I could do to him such as give him a blowjob etc. I was starting to get scared and they were blocking my passage to leave when my friend got on the train. He saw me and grabbed my hand asking if I was okay. Then kissed me on the cheek pretending to be my boyfriend or something. Since he is really tall and strong the other boys immediately left. I admit it was sort of funny to see them run but I’m now really scared to take the train alone.