Liz’s story!

Yesterday (March 23, 2012) at a bit past 8pm I was walking over a few blocks to catch a bus home.

Basically as I was just walking along, alone, in the dark, some guy shouted out “Hey Miss!”
This really freaked me out, since I thought he said “Hey Liz!” and I wondered how the hell did he know me?! He was in a group of three, and it was just a few houses over from the beer store; not the most comforting locale.

As I kept on walking, I turned my head to glare/see if I recognized him to which he exclaimed defensively “Hey, I’m just trying to say hello”

In daylight, if I knew the guy, this could possibly have been polite or even friendly. In this context, it really freaked me out. Does anyone actually think they’re being nice doing that? Do they see it as a power situation, as it really is?

It doesn’t help that I was in a crappy mood all day, so that particular evening I decided to dress up, actually wear makeup, and my jacket zipped up made a fine little black dress. I know that clothes don’t cause, invite or excuse harassment, but it’s a hard (faulty) cause/effect situation since I haven’t been harassed in a long time, and then I dress up and get called at.

Anyway, keep up the good work and report the bad.