International Anti-Street Harassment Week Inspiration – ‘Fighter’

For International Anti-Street Harassment Week, we’ve asked our supporters to send us their responses to street harassment. We’ve gotten some funny stuff and some in-your-face-stuff but we’ve also gotten poignant pieces, such as this piece which was sent to us by a woman named M-M.


‘I have a tattoo on the back of my left forearm that says FIGHTER. It means many things to me. When people ask me about it I just say that I am fighting to make the world a better place. What I usually leave out is the person who, in a horrible and sad way, inspired me to get this tattoo. When I was 15 my best friend’s father became a bit too friendly, a bit too physically close, a bit too invasive… I’m sure you get the picture…

The tattoo reminds me that I am still whole, that I can still breathe. It reminds me that even though sometimes, years later, I still hear the echoes and feel the chills of those inappropriate words and actions, I am still here for a reason. I am here to fight with peace, love and understanding for those people who have suffered as I have or who have endured worse. In my own ways, I fight to make the world a better place.

Please do not misunderstand, though love and compassion usually help me along the way, I am not a fully enlightened being and still very human. If you continue to step on me with your societal standards of what a good woman should be, should allow a man to do, should enjoy, should say, should NOT SAY, etc I will fight back. I will fight back until all societies except womyn as equal in rights, liberties and opinions. I will fight until you appreciate my intelligence and opinionated stance more than you supposedly appreciate my ass.

When you see me walking down the street and you throw some asinine comment my way, don’t expect you’ll get the response you seek. I will not fight you with my fists (unless I have to), I will fight you with my words, with my actions, with my intelligence, with every breath I take I will fight you. I may throw up my middle finger and my tell you to f*** off because sometimes those harsh words are all I have to vent my anger and all that you can understand. I will come home and sit on my yoga mat, I will try to carry that peace, love and understanding towards you. I will try to forgive you and hope that one day you will understand the depth of your misdeeds and thoughtless words.’

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