Anti-Street Harassment Week – Day 1

March 18th to March 24th is Anti-Street Harassment Week.

You know that it happens and one quick glance at our site shows you what it looks like. So to bring awareness to street harassment this week, we are posting a photo a day of your best hollas!

The goal of sharing these photos is to inspire you to Hollaback, too! The vast majority of us experience street harassment and the power of that kind of violence is that it’s silenced. And certainly, responding to it is considered taboo.

So write down your favourite hollaback – Whether it was a witty verbal response, some serious cut-eye or whatever else, share it with us and inspire others to hollaback!

E-mail [email protected] with your picture! Anonymity is guaranteed, unless you say otherwise.

Without further ado, check out this badass Holla! submission from Ottawa

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