You funded it, we’re launching it!

Like everything we do here at Hollaback! — the launch of the “I’ve Got Your Back” campaign wouldn’t have been possible without your support.  Literally. Last July, after being rejected for grant funding, 268 of you banned together and donated $25,696 to bring this campaign to life. On March 22nd, we are proud to announce the campaign will launch.

The “I’ve Got Your Back” campaign will provide real-time relief to those who are harassed by carrying a simple message: “If you see someone being harassed, ask them if they are OK and if there is anything you can do to help.” We’ll be relaunching our iPhone and Droid apps and adding new features to our site to show people how to intervene when they witness street harassment and to celebrate when they do. The campaign changes the power dynamics of street harassment by showing harassers that women and LGBTQ individuals are not alone, and it reminds all of us that we have a role to play in ending street harassment in our day to day lives.


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