What we’re reading this week

This past week included the ‘Trans Day of Remembrance’. We know that trans* people experience higher rates of all types of violence, including street harassment. This has got to stop.

Apparently, some major schooling by queer friends has woken up Kelly Osbourne (Yup, THAT Kelly Osbourne) to the reality of trans*phobia and trans*phobic language. Worried you might be making the same mistakes? Check out this Trans*101 Guide and educate yo’self.

While we’re schooling ourselves, want to learn more about sexual harassment? Or maybe you’re just looking for some good pointers so you can educate the folks in your life and/or get some ammunition for your next argument regarding Herman Cain? Here’s a great (albeit American) fact sheet on sexual harassment.

Props to the Globe & Mail for an editorial on the importance of bystander intervention and in particular, empowering peers to intervene in bullying. Great advice for violence across the continuum. Of course, iHollaback! is down like a clown for bystander intervention techniques. We’ve got your back!





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