What we’re reading this week!

A brief look at what we’ve been reading this past week!


– Herman Cain’s run for US President should be tainted by the numerous allegations of sexual harassment but nope, no dice.

‘As if! Blowhards going off about Cain don’t really care about sexism’

‘Hermain Cain and the denial campaign’


– But let’s not pretend that sexual harassment is only happening in the south.

A female B.C. mountie is claiming years of sexual harassment in her job and is trying to find justice.


– A Twitter trend called ‘MenCallMeThings’ attempted to highlight the backlash, harassment and violence that female bloggers and writers experience. We will definitely include ourselves in that list!


– An inspiring, if not difficult, piece by the wonderful Eve Ensler on being ‘Over It’. Ensler lists off the many ways in which she’s ‘over’ rape culture, over people making excuses for it and over the culture of denial. Worth it!


What have YOU been reading?


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