Sexism in Canadian Bar

We received this submission from Lily, a Hollaback! supporter.

Although this doesn’t characterize as street harassment, urinals in the shape of women’s mouths degrade, objectify and offend women just as street harassment does. These were created with the intention to be a gender-neutral mouth, however they clearly depict a woman’s lips. Despite many arguments that they are the “Rolling Stones” lips or the “Dairy Queen” lips, they are linked to NEITHER. Another argument is that they are a “man’s” lips or a “drag-queens” lips. Even if there are people who do genuinely believe these cannot be women’s lips, it is terrible to defend these urinals as not only a degradation of women, but all human beings.

A formal complaint has been filed, some letters have been written in a letter-writing campaign, and a petition has been started (from someone not even in Canada!) to attempt to get these removed. However the owner defends these as funny, and many local people have agreed that they are terrific as well. Not only are they not planning on removing the urinals, they are in the process of installing more at other locations!

If you feel that these are inappropriate and offensive and want to help get them removed, please either sign the petition below, or even write a letter if you choose.

Thanks, everyone!


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