Repeatedly harassed on Mackenzie King Bridge

This happened fall 2009 in the afternoon while I was walking on the Mackenzie King Bridge beween the Rideau Center and Ottawa U. Someone wearing a medical mask with a hood up walked directly into me and rubbed against me while mumbling to themself and then took off very quickly. It seemed like it could have been accidental because we were walking toward each other so I moved to the side to let them pass and they moved the same way, this happened about 5 times and when I finally moved to try to pass is when it happened.

I don’t think is was an accident after all because this happened two more times in the following month. The person looked the same (medical mask and hood up) and the same thing happened except once it was from behind.

I just avoided the area after that and only took the bus between the two locations. Nobody I told treated it seriously and if my friends and family couldn’t take it seriously why should I excpect anyone else to? So it took me about 6 months to do that walk again but I haven’t encountered it since.