Street harassment + Public masturbation

I’ve experienced my fair share of harassment while just going about my mundane business. Two of the worst experiences I’ve had are as follows:

While in the downtown business district waiting for a print job to be finished, I took a walk down the street, only for some guy to eye me from the other side. He had the grin of a crazed Cheshire cat as he just stared for what seemed like forever. He almost walked himself into a pole he was staring so long in fact. I tried to stare back at him with a look of disgust but it didn’t make a difference. Worst still, I was heading in the same direction intending to cross the street to the same side he was on, and was panicking that he would wait for me or be crossing at the same time. Luckily he continued to walk off as I approached, but not before taking another hard look.

Another time I was sitting in a window seat on the 95 coming back from school. I was fiddling with my phone at the time. I was just approaching my stop when we got stuck at a stop light. I looked out the window quickly then looked back at my phone. I could hardly believe what I just saw… A man in his vehicle below the bus was masturbating while looking at me. Really?! I still couldn’t believe it. I looked back again and he actually tugged at himself and looked at me with puppy eyes. I gave him the dirtiest look I could conjure up and he actually pouted, then put his junk away as his demeanor turned to embarrassment. Thankfully the bus had started moving again. I immediately texted my friend as I could not believe what just happened (I still can’t). To this day I wish I’d turned my phone’s camera on his ass.