Violence at the first Gay Pride in Split, Croatia: Hollaback! stands in support of Croatia’s Queer community

Last Saturday, on June 11th, the Lesbian Group Kontra, Iskorak and Domine (an NGO) organized the first Gay Pride Parade in Split, Croatia. The theme of which was protective rights of same-sex couples and families. Gathered around the 150 – 200 pride parade participants were between 8000 – 10,000 protesters who proceeded to insult, threaten, and throw various objects and tear gas at the participants. Approximately 600 police officers were on duty, but they refused to get involved, leaving many participants injured. Since then several hate groups have organized throughout Croatia, threatening the Queer folks on and offline and now they are calling for a new wave of violence at the Gay Pride event that will take place this Saturday in Zagreb. The safety of Queer folks in public spaces in Croatia is considered by locals to be seriously compromised.

Hollaback! Ottawa and the global Hollaback! community wishes to express its support to all organizers and participants of Gay Pride in Split and Zagreb. The Gay Pride Parades represent a peaceful civil gathering aimed at raising awareness of the discrimination against Queer people and fighting against the discrimination.

Hollaback! shares with the Gay Pride organizers the goal of making public spaces free safe for all people and free of violence, where everybody is able to fulfil their right for a peaceful public gathering and statement of their cause.

We condemn the violence against the Gay Pride participants in Split and all other types of violence in public spaces, and ask authorities to carry out their duties in the same, responsible way for all citizens, as well as to secure public space for everybody, regardless of their sex, gender, sexual orientation, gender expression, race, religion, class, etc.

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