Transphobic Cashier at Zellers

Today (June 12) at around 1:50 pm, I was on the first floor of the Zellers at Bayshore, waiting in line at the cash with two people (one man, one woman) in front of me. The cashier, named Troy, yelled at one his co-workers saying, “Hey Jordan, wasn’t that the nastiest thing you’ve seen all day? I wanted to barf.”

He then turned to the customer he was dealing with (the man) and said, “Today some guy came in wearing a skirt. I wanted to burn my eyes out. If you’re going to do that stuff, go all the way, because if not it just looks disgusting, you know? No one wants to see that.”

The two customers who were in front of me both did that shrugging “sigh” type of look, so as to agree that a “guy wearing a skirt” is disgusting. I was so upset, but I didn’t want to speak up just yet because I was angry. So I cooled off and as Troy was putting through my items, I said, “Next time, can you please refrain from saying what you just said about that customer?” He looked at me and said he didn’t do anything wrong. I said, “Well it’s unnecessary to say that someone’s appearance made you want to burn your eyes out. It’s hurtful and rude.”

The guy behind me said he personally thought it was outrageous, but he didn’t elaborate so I think he was agreeing with Troy.

Anyways, Troy got so defensive and said that it was rude of me to listen to other people’s conversations. I’m dead serious, that’s what he said! I told him it’s hard not to hear when he’s speaking so loudly, and next time he should avoid saying transphobic comments about his customers because it’s demeaning and I wish I didn’t have to hear it. Then I left.

I think this is really important for other people to hear about, because comments like these are simply hurtful. The customer in question wasn’t there, but that doesn’t mean that Troy’s comments didn’t have an impact. His rhetoric was violent and flat out disrespectful.

I went to the Customer Service line to find out who I could complain to about this. Please help out!

Please call the store and complain about Troy.

Zellers Bayshore: 613-820-4007

I was told the store manager is Kevin Adams, ask to speak to him and tell him that Troy’s comments were inappropriate and he should get training on being respectful of all gender identities. I called and someone hung up on me after waiting for a manager to come to the phone. I’ll try again tomorrow, but I know that if more people call, the message that Troy’s statements were wrong will get through to management.