Physical harassment in Montreal

A few disclaimers first: this is actually from Montreal, and a few years old!
I suppose I’ve actually holla’d back a few times but the most significant one was at a time when I had just found out someone very close to me had been raped and that at a friend who had killed herself a few months earlier had done so because she had also been raped. Needless to say I was completely full of rage and fear. I went out to a bar with some friends in an effort to relax and loosen up. A word to the wise, trying to loosen up at a bar in MTL after what I had been through was a really bad idea. So I left the bar and started to walk home. I was only a few feet out of the bar when this drunk older man came up and started to dance around me, he told me what a good time he could show me. I at first politely told him that I was not interested and he should leave me alone. He took this as some invitation to become more assertive; he grabbed my arm and tried to pull me towards him, looped his arm around my ass and pulled me in. I remember being really scared, and my heart was pumping very fast. But more then anything I remember being blindly angry. I said “I already asked you to leave me alone, if you don’t I promise you will regret it.” (at this point I didn’t really know how he would regret it, but I could feel the adrenaline in my body and I felt like I had 10x the strength, I was very confident I would think of something) His reaction was much the same as before and he just held me tighter. Now I was very close to him and my arms were pinned at my side meaning they were in the middle of his body. So I then screamed at him “WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?!” Along with calling him a number of other names and expletives, at the same time I grabbed his penis and balls, clenched, dug my fingernails in and once he had released me I did a very hard pull and twist. He fell to the ground and called me a bitch cunt, among other things. I carefully explained to him again that the next time someone said to leave them alone he should do so because I would be carrying a knife from now on and would ensure he could never bring anyone home again. I was in such an adrenaline rush I don’t really know what happened after that all I know is that I cried and my whole body shook for a really long time.