More than 1 case of street harassment; one was bilingual, too!

I have had more than my share of these verbal attacks and wish I could carry around a water gun just for those occasions where witty repartee fails me.
Here’s my favourite from last summer-it’s bilingual to boot!
Riding my bike down a quiet rural route. Car slows down beside me and cretin yells: ‘Go Home!’
“Ok, whatever!”, I think to myself,completly bemused. Finish my ride and it occurs to me what he was actually saying -‘cochonne!’. Shame a tractor did not rear-end him. I could fill an entire blog alone on the verbal diahrrea hurled at me while biking… And I am no spring chicken-so older women get the same degree of disrespect. (Someone even hurled an empty beer bottle at me once …)
Bad Memory Dept.

Working in retail. At back of store by myself. Seemingly respectful individual approaches me and comments “You must have breast-fed your children.” “I beg your pardon?” He actually repeated himself! I told him he was being completely inappropriate and that he had best leave the premises immediately. He was escorted out. I had my own zero tolerance policy.
Scary Moment Dept.

Walking home from bus stop late one night (Queensway at Catherine – where the Central Y is.) minding own business and walking quickly, I see a car coming towards me and slowing down. Now, this guy is heading south on O’Connor which is one-way street,so that means he is in the lane right beside me. I don’t remember what he said to me, but I probably just shook my head and kept walking in the opposite direction. I was very close to home,tired and set on getting there. The next thing I hear from him is “It’s bitches like you that get raped!” I was right at the Museum of Nature’s backyard at the time where not a soul was around. Not even a police car. This happened at least 20 years ago but I never forgot it because I felt as if I had dodged a bullet. I never walked home after that.

Golda Meir was right when she said that it was men, not women,who needed a curfew.