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Welcome to the re-launch of iHollaback! Ottawa!

See, we originally started from humble “Blogspot” beginnings. We kept hearing that Ottawa needed its own space to Hollaback! but nobody was doing it. So we did!  (Which is why we already have some Hollas lined up). Then we were connected with the real deal – iHollaback! in NYC. And the rest is herstory.

We are at the mid-point of our first day and it’s already shaking! We’ve caugh the eye of the CBC and we’re making waves on Twitter, getting more followers by the minute. It’s fabulous!

See, Ottawa has the reputation of being Toronto’s quieter, tamer and safer sister. Here at Hollaback!Ottawa, we disagree. Ottawa has lots of culture, delicious food, sights to see, hilarious Parliamentarians and… creepers. We may not talk about it as much in quiet, conservative O-Town, but street harassment is alive and well here. Whether it’s lewd ‘cat-calls’ (oh, how we loathe that expression!) or groping, spitting and sexual assault, women and queer folks in Ottawa are being street harassed whether we talk about it or not. So why silence ourselves?

So join us in the fight. Tell your story, whether it just happened or its a bad memory from ’08.

We are an entirely volunteer driven initative with only 1 person holding the reins in O-Town! So connect with us, find out how you can help. Do you have hook-ups for printing, button making, silk screening or stickers? Do you want to help us do public education campaigns, lectures, workshops? We want to hear from you!

[email protected] and HollabackOttawa on Twitter.

In solidarity and resistance,

– iHollaback! Ottawa

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