Dick flashing at McDick’s

Hollaback! Ottawa here. We unfortunately have to report our own Hollaback!

I ran out the door without breakfast this morning and by 10:30am, the state of my stomach was getting critical. I headed to the nearest McDonald’s because I thought a McMuffin would cure my ills. I headed to the McDonald’s at the corner of Bank and Queen (near Sparks street) and all was fine and well until I went to pick up my order and another customer came up to the counter to whisper to the cashier that someone was openly masturbating in the washroom.

Now I was lucky enough not to have to witness this or even see the guy in question, but how messed up of a world do we live in when we set the bar that low for ourselves?

“Wow, you got real lucky that time, girl. Got to get a cheap breakfast without having to see someone’s genitals. Must be lucky Friday!”


I burst out of there fairly quickly after that before the thought of someone’s public masturbation soured my already disgusting breakfast, so I wasn’t able to capture an image.

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  1. I’m new to this site. I think that harassing women on the street is stupid, i’ve seen some men do it and feel sorry for them.

    One of the common “male bonding” moments is seeing this sort of thing in male washrooms. It’s incredibly common. So is the drunk guy who challenges everyone in the washroom to a fight.

    Generally speaking we just turn our heads and pretend we didn’t see it. I don’t really think this is a problem that can be easily solved.

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