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Hull - Val-Tétreau
September 26, 2017

New Submission: Harassed in Eddy

I live on Eddy in hull, which means I sometimes have to walk here alone at night. There is a bar on Eddy called Original bar. A large man in a red ECHO shirt with a short shaved mohawk on his head makes rude sexual comments to me almost every day. He goes to this bar almost every day and I see him almost every day and cant do anything…
June 25, 2017

New Submission : Harassment of mother…

I was walking with my two daughters who are 9 and 10 years old. A man who appeared intoxicated was pushing a bike with 2 beer kegs on the handles. He started shouting and making sounds at us. I heard him say "oohhhh nice legs" My daughter looked over and he shouted at us "yeah I'm talking to you" We quickly crossed the street. I heard him shouting at another…
Carson Grove - Carson Meadows
June 15, 2017

New Submission : Catcalled by a…

It's not just the constant leering and catcalls that bother me, but I've experienced being called over to a police car for the officer to inform me I had a 'nice ass'. When an average dude does this, it's creepy enough..but a police officer? How am I supposed to deal with that? It's my word against his, and I didn't need to be hassled if I did make a formal…


Back Off Creeps!

  Do you own a bar/coffeshop/restaurant in Ottawa? Do you work the door at events? Are you a bouncer, bartender or floor manager? Do you care about making your space safe for women? Then, pay attention, peeps! We’re hosting a discussion for folks just like you, in partnership with the ever badass Little Jo Berry’s. This … Continued

Chalk Walk!

Join us on Sunday, August 20th as we spread anti-harassment messages along Elgin and engage folks in a dialogue about our right to safety in public space!   Everyone welcome! Bring your kids, grandparents, pets, roomate, the dude you hook up with casually, whatever suits your fancy. We’ll supply the chalk, but do feel free … Continued


Do you love a good, sweaty dance party but hate creepers? Here at Hollaback! Ottawa, we love to dance. A few years ago, we spent hours at Pride’s foam street party, post-parade. But we typically avoid dance parties, especially in bars, because they tend to attract a whole lotta creepy dudes who don’t take no for an … Continued