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Sandy Hill
April 15, 2021

New Submission : Harassed by a…

I was walking out alone on the University of Ottawa campus, when two men approached me and began calling at me. They were on Copernicus street in front of the Fauteaux Hall. At first I ignored them but one of them kept getting closer and calling me. I then pretended to not speak English in the hopes that they would leave me alone. One of the men began to follow…
Lower Town
April 6, 2021

New submission : Harassed on Rideau

I'm a trans man. I was walking in front of the Rideau centre one January morning, completely bundled up in a hat, mask, scarf, coat, binder, and boots. Some guy (who clearly looked like he was not sober) looked at me and then said "female! Haha, good girl". I was extremely uncomfortable. I pretended that I didn't hear him, and unfortunately there wasn't anyone else around to help. It was…
September 3, 2020

New Submission : Harassed while just…

[Title: Verbal Harassment] There was this guy who just came up and said "You look like you could use a d*ck, you a call girl (basically a prostitute)?" I ignored him but he kept talking " oh do you have friends? I bet they're fun. Etc." I'm not of legal age yet and hearing him say that made me feel pissed off as hell. No one tried helping even a…


Open letter to the Ottawa Citizen

We sent the following letter to the Ottawa Citizen on March 30th but they chose not to publish it. “We are appalled by the Citizen’s recent coverage of serious allegations made by local women against JJ Clarke. As a coalition of groups working to end violence against women in Ottawa, it is very disheartening to see … Continued

FREE WORKSHOP: Addressing harassment in gym spaces

We’re partnering with Andrea Blake, holistic personal trainer and body neutrality advocate, to bring you a FREE workshop focused on harassment in gym spaces! Join us for a lively discussion on how to be a solid bystander for anyone experiencing harassment in a gym setting. We’ll also brainstorm ways you can occupy your space and … Continued