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July 10, 2019

New Submission : Racist harassment

Two incidents several weeks apart, same man. The first time, he said, "Ni Hao, looking good," drawing inaccurate conclusions about my heritage based on my skin colour. I tried my best to keep my eyes straight on the road ahead and not give him or his companion the sick pleasure of exercising power over me. The second time, he gestured at me and said, "You have big tits." I have…
July 8, 2019

New Submission : Harassed while biking

On Friday, July 28, I was biking on Albert Street, and stopped at Metcalfe and Albert waiting for the light to change. This was a day when there had been heavy rain on and off throughout the day, so I was wearing my rain jacket (hot pink) and rain boots (also pink) over the dress I wore to work. Not exactly Paris Fashion Week, but functional for the rain, and…
June 27, 2019

New Submission : Bystander intervention!

I was walking south on Bank st past Gloucester today around 5:30 behind a woman when a man sitting on the bench pulled out a camera with a telephoto lens, leaned over, and aimed it at her hips. It took me a second to realize what I was seeing but then I walked forward to block the view. The crosswalk signal changed a second later and I just kept looking…


FREE WORKSHOP: Addressing harassment in gym spaces

We’re partnering with Andrea Blake, holistic personal trainer and body neutrality advocate, to bring you a FREE workshop focused on harassment in gym spaces! Join us for a lively discussion on how to be a solid bystander for anyone experiencing harassment in a gym setting. We’ll also brainstorm ways you can occupy your space and … Continued

International Anti-Street Harassment Week!

It’s that time of year again! Spring is in the air! Which means creeps are out in full force. Join us, and cities around the world, as we mark International Anti-Street Harassment Week by chalking up the streets of Ottawa! We’ll bring the chalk, you bring the energy. (But if you have chalk to spare, … Continued

International Anti-Street Harassment Week!

It’s that time of year again, pals. International Anti-Street Harassment Week is happening April 8-14th and to mark it, we’re hosting our first Chalk Walk of 2018! April 8th. 3pm. Human Rights Monument. Everyone welcome! Details and RSVP here.