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June 29, 2018

New Submission : Harassed on Rochester

I was walking down Rochester around 5:00 PM with my headphones in and encountered a man in his 20’s coming in the opposite direction, taking up most of the sidewalk. He was wearing construction boots and looked like he was coming from work. When I tried to go around he blocked my way and then tried to put his arms around me. I crossed the street to get away from…
May 25, 2018

New Submission : Harassed on St-Laurent

Walking down St. Laurent (at Belfast), I passed a man who yelled after me, “Hey! Should I follow you home and fuck ya? You hear me? Hey!” I said that no, he should never do that to anybody and started to back away, knitting needles in hand. He followed me for a little while until I started to walk across the parking lot to a thrift store in order to…
May 15, 2018

New Submission : Harassed by a…

I was waiting at Laurier and Elgin for the light to turn. I was standing by the Starbucks, sipping my iced latte, enjoying the gorgeous weather. Some asshole cyclist bikes past me and whistles at me then keeps cycling past while looking back at me. Ugh.


International Anti-Street Harassment Week!

It’s that time of year again, pals. International Anti-Street Harassment Week is happening April 8-14th and to mark it, we’re hosting our first Chalk Walk of 2018! April 8th. 3pm. Human Rights Monument. Everyone welcome! Details and RSVP here.  

Back Off Creeps!

  Do you own a bar/coffeshop/restaurant in Ottawa? Do you work the door at events? Are you a bouncer, bartender or floor manager? Do you care about making your space safe for women? Then, pay attention, peeps! We’re hosting a discussion for folks just like you, in partnership with the ever badass Little Jo Berry’s. This … Continued

Chalk Walk!

Join us on Sunday, August 20th as we spread anti-harassment messages along Elgin and engage folks in a dialogue about our right to safety in public space!   Everyone welcome! Bring your kids, grandparents, pets, roomate, the dude you hook up with casually, whatever suits your fancy. We’ll supply the chalk, but do feel free … Continued