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Carleton University
February 22, 2017

New Submission: Intentional space violation &…

A man stopped me for directions and stood far too close for comfort. I stepped back to answer his questions and he kept the conversation going despite my obvious desire to leave it. He moved into my personal space again to gesture at the "closed" sign on the stairs and I had to take another step back and gestured for him to head on his way ahead. He insisted that…
October 4, 2016

New submission : Jenna’s story!

I had just gotten a massage on Beechwood Ave at 5:30pm after work. I was leaving on foot, and a man maybe in his 20's starting yelling at me. He was across the street, I assume waiting for a bus or just hanging out, I'm really not sure. He very clearly said "YOO I love your ass in those leggings! They look so good!" and I looked back and he…
September 17, 2016

New submission : Mary

I can't say if he is stalking me, because the park is open to everybody. This man, (in his 60's, I'd guess) has taken a dislike to me and my dog. Our first encounter was with him screaming at me that my dog should be on leash (leash-free park), getting into my personal space and frightening both me and my little companion. I am a woman in her early 70's,…


Big News!

Last year, our director Julie S. Lalonde presented to the Federal Standing Committee on the Status of Women. Today, that committee released their report and not only did they mention us several times in the report, they name violence against young women and girls in public spaces as a priority for the Committee. Yay! You can read the … Continued

We all deserve to feel safe in public spaces

As an organization dedicated to ending street harassment and making public spaces safe and accessible, Hollaback! Ottawa would like to offer our public support to everyone affected by the arrest and death of Abdirahman Abdi. It was a horrific and avoidable situation.   It is very clear that police interactions with people struggling with mental health … Continued