New Submission : Anonymous story!

On my way to work in the morning I was waiting for the light to change so I could cross the road when I was surrounded by 2 men who were obviously intoxicated who repeatedly asked me to go out with them because I “looked fun” while referring to me as “baby” and “sweetheart.” I kept trying to back away but they pursued me until I finally had to cross in front of moving traffic to get away.

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New submission: Edith’s story!

Just walked out of Fiazza in the market with my take out lunch.
Middle aged man standing outside : Hey baby wanna share your pizza?
Me:-NO, walking away

The man continued to insult me but I was too far to hear.

15 minutes ago!

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New submission : Julie’s story!

I was walking down Preston, towards Somerset with a coffee in both hands.

I saw this guy pop out from behind a bus stop. He was wearing a t-shirt, jeans, had a cigarette in his mouth and his hands were shaking.

I kept walking, as the guy walked alongside me, telling me he thought I was beautiful, where was I going? Did I have any change?

I said “No, sorry. Spent it all buying these coffees for my colleagues. Sorry, bud.”

He said “Oh, that’s okay, honey. You’re fucking sexy, so I’ll forgive you”.

He then grabbed my ass.

My hands were full, so I just backed away, kicked at him and told him to fuck off, then kept walking.

I was furious.

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New submission: Elanor’s story!

Walking home at 3pm a very expensive-looking grey SUV with tinted windows started driving really slowly behind me and then pulled up beside me at the intersection- they were saying things I couldn’t hear. I thought it was somebody asking for directions so I turned towards the car and saw that it was two guys in their 20s shouting profanity at me. It was mostly the guy in the passenger seat who rolled his window down and said that him and his ‘buddy’ liked my ass and wanted me to get in the car. I started walking away disgusted and they started driving along beside me. I turned and shouted at them to stop (and that they were disgusting), and they laughed and sped away (down Riverdale Ave. towards Main st.)
This was really aggressive and I now feel less safe and comfortable in my own neighbourhood.

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Happy HOLLAween!

We hope you have the best time tonight, whatever it is you’re doing!

But remember:

1- Don’t culturally appropriate. It’s not cute; it’s offensive.

2- Don’t slut shame. We live in a culture that doesn’t allow women to wear anything “sexy” without judgement. So, if someone wants to go full sexy one day of the year and really own the opportunity, how is it your business? Be whatever sexy thing you want to be!

Now, if you want to rage about how there are few costume ideas for women that AREN’T the sexy version of something, we hear you.

But regardless of whether you would ever wear a sexy costume or not, don’t judge others who do.

3- Don’t street harass! Don’t harass – period. Just because someone is wearing a sexy costume, doesn’t mean they’re “asking” for your opinion on their body or your creepy hand on their ass.

Halloween is scary enough without harassment.

Costumes are NOT consent

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New Submission : “Everyday harassment”

I was standing at the corner of Lyon and Laurier with my partner, and I had my arm around her after leaning in for a kiss. Two men in a white car rounded the corner and as they passed us, the man in the passenger seat leaned out the window and said something to us. I couldn’t make it out but it was probably something like the usual objectifying, gross, sexual comments we get from strangers on a daily basis when we go out in public. Thank you, kind sirs, for letting me know how turned on you are by a woman minding her own business on her way to school.

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New submission : Cassie’s story!

This happened to me about a year ago during last summer but I haven’t wanted to speak up about it to a large group of people until now.

I was riding my bike through the Glebe near Bronson to get to Carleton University when I stopped at a stop sign on a quiet street to wait for cars to go by, like any good cyclist. A second later a dirty red pick-up truck with two shirtless men screeched up right beside me. One of the men yelled, “Hey sexy girl, want to come sit with us?” I wanted to show I wasn’t afraid of them and make them leave so I yelled back, “Shut the f*ck up, leave me alone.” To them, that was the wrong thing to do.

For the next five minutes these two disgusting men followed me in their car hurling insults at me, saying I was a fat whore, bitch, skank, c*unt, you know name it. They told me they wanted to rape and kill me and teach my ugly self a lesson. The whole time I looked straight ahead and kept biking, afraid what they’d do if I stopped moving. A few times they even jerked the car in my direction and almost made me fall off my bike. It was a quiet area with few cars so they kept doing this. I remember very clearly looking at some of the pedestrians on the sidewalk beside me for help, but people just avoided my pleading looks.

Finally after a few minutes of this, they seemed to get bored that I wasn’t outwardly reacting and drove away near Bronson and Fifth, still yelling insults at me. I cried the rest of the way to Carleton, scared to stop in case they came back to find me.

In those fearful minutes, I wasn’t thinking clearly enough to get their license plate number or call the police. All I could think of was getting away from them. Even a year later I’m filled with intense fear whenever I think about that. I hated the feeling of being powerless.

Ladies, if you see some repulsive men cruising around the Glebe in a red pick up truck yelling at women, watch out. And get their license plate number!

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New submission : Bystander intervention at coffee shop!

My partner and I had an odd (at least for us) experience.

We went to a local coffee shop for lunch. While we were waiting in line, my partner nudged me. She said “That guy there” (a man with his back to us) “is taking pictures of that woman.” There were two women sitting in his line of sight, both with children, one with an infant. She was wearing a fairly low-cut top, likely to make it easy to breastfeed. He was using his smartphone to take pictures of her breasts.

Coincidentally, three police officers had just come in. The two of us had a brief whispered discussion, and the guy began to shoot zoomed video of the woman. My partner went to speak with one of the cops. He watched the guy shoot video, then explained to her that he couldn’t take action without consulting the shop manager, which he then did. The manager permitted him to approach the man. They went outside, where an animated discussion ensued. The ‘photographer’ came back in to his table — another man had sat down there, said “I can’t stay”, took his stuff, and left.

My partner spoke to the cop a second time then. When the cop confronted the guy by saying “Were you taking pictures of a woman in there?”, the guy responded “The one with the big tits? Yeah.” He made the man delete the images from his phone and told him he was no longer welcome in the coffee shop. My partner asked if he was going to tell the woman. The cop said he didn’t think the woman needed to know but that if my partner wanted to she could. We didn’t tell her what had happened, which we have mixed feelings about. But at least the creep hopefully got a scare put into him.

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