International Anti-Street Harassment Week Event – SUCCESS!

Wow, what an amazing day.

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to poster, chalk and wheat paste.

You can check out the full photo set on our Facebook page.

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New submission : Julie’s story!

I was pumping gas at Hunt Club and Lorry Greenberg when a guy leaving the Quickie started yelling “Hey shawty! Hey shawty!” at me as he was walking to his car.

I just ignored him and he eventually mumbled something under his breath (I couldn’t hear it) and got in his car and drove away.

I've got your back!

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Meet Us On The Street : International Anti-Street Harassment Week Event!


On Friday, April 17th at 3pm, join us as we poster and chalk Bank street as part of International Anti-Street Harassment Week!

Meet up at 3pm at the Bridgehead on Bank and Gilmour.

RSVP on Facebook! 

We’re going to be joining the Stop Telling Women to Smile International Wheat Pasting Event!

Wheat pasting is tricky in Ottawa, so we’re going to instead be sticking up posters on poles down Bank street.

We’re also gonna be throwing in chalk walking (depending on the weather).

We will provide the posters and chalk. If you’ve got extra packing tape, packing tape guns or chalk that you want to bring along, GREAT!

For more information about this event or to support the amazing artist behind this project, check out: Stop Telling Women to Smile

For more information about Hollaback! Ottawa or this event, e-mail us at [email protected]

This event is open to ANYONE, regardless of age, gender, ability, or activist experience.



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CALL TO ACTION: Jaclyn’s story!

Yesterday I was sexually harassed in a taxi; this has happened to me before and I know it has most likely happened to you.

On my way to work, the driver of Blueline cab #324 suggested we have an affair so he can cheat on his wife, asked if my boyfriend and I are having sex, and made several inappropriate comments about my appearance. Sadly, this isn’t even the worst incident of sexual harassment I have experienced in a cab in Ottawa.

I immediately called Blueline to make a complaint and was directed to their fleet manager. I suffered the undignified experience of having to leave a voicemail about how I was sexually harassed and over twenty four hours later I have yet to receive a call back.

It is time we stand in solidarity, openly discuss this issue and call out the cab companies whose employees are sexually harassing women and whose management are not responding to this issue.

At a time when victims of assault are blamed for walking alone at night, when women are being sexually harassed on public transportation and when there are concerns about the safety of Uber cars, the women of Ottawa should be able to rely on our local cab companies for safe transportation.

If you feel comfortable doing so, please join me in sharing your experiences on social networks and/or calling out the cab companies whose drivers have sexually harassed you. Messages of solidarity are also gladly welcomed, including from our allies. If you would like to join the campaign, please use the hashtag #SafeCabYOW. From my searches, only two local cab companies are on Twitter. Blueline’s handle is @BlueLineTaxiOtt and Capital Taxi is @CapitalTaxiOtt.

If we can get enough people calling out these cab companies, we can look at what the next steps of this campaign should be – for example, calling on local cab companies to include anti-harassment training in their employee orientation and meeting with City Councillors to explore what role the City has in ensuring the safety of passengers in registered taxi cabs. For now, please tweet and facebook your stories and support, and don’t forget to use the hashtag #SafeCabYOW.

I've got your back!


New submission : Rebekah’s story!

This was a really sad moment for me. I had attended a going away party (for myself) when I decided I was no longer interested in being at the bar. My friends had all paired off with their significant others and had left or were otherwise occupied. I was a little upset and walking up Elgin street to get the Mackenzie King bus station to get home and go to sleep.

A car full of young men (more accurately, immature boys) drove by and shouted out the car window about the shape and buoyancy of my rear end. At the time I was wearing my favorite body hugging blue dress. It took my a long time to be able to show my body and now these boys took it upon themselves to comment on it. I immediately ignored them as I do anything I don’t particularly like. At this points the comments changed from, ‘nice ass,’ to, ‘you’re not that hot anyway– you’re only a 6 in Miami.”

After a particularly shoddy night, these complete strangers took it upon themselves to only further my subpar evening by insulting my body after I took the initiative to ignore them. This happened quite some time ago but still pops into my brain every so often. Why these people think they have the right to comment on my body just because I am walking down the street, only to insult it when I didn’t immediately swoon by their inappropriate comment.

I've got your back!

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New submission : Jess’s story!

Leaving work downtown at 11pm and a car full of males literally BARKED at me, followed by yelling a slew of “hey baby” and “where you going??”. without even looking over I threw my middle finger in the air for nearly a block, which of course turned me from “baby” into “bitch!!”


I've got your back!

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New submission : Anonymous story!

Standing in line at Shoppers Drug Mart, man ahead of me in line: “you look nice.” Me: “thank you!” Him: “Are you still in school?” Me: “sort of.” Him: “you look soft. Like a soft sweet school girl. Hmm.”

I've got your back!

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New submission : Candace’s story!

I got off of the bus to transfer at Rideau Centre on Rideau St.at 10:05am today…stood leaning against the bus shelter, no other people around. I sensed someone behind me, a man was lingering no less than 2 feet behind me…odd, I thought so I went in to the bus shelter, leaning against the door frame about 6 feet from where I was initially standing, checked my phone for when the next bus I needed to catch would arrive.

Again I sense someone behind me (there were less than a dozen people in the shelter, none near me aside from an elderly woman sitting on a bench a few feet away) I turned around and there was the same man AGAIN less than 2 feet behind me…I scowled at him and walked out…as I did so he did not even acknowledge me but I noticed he held a camera in his hand, had his finger on the shutter release button and was aiming it up at me from his hip area photographing me! Disgusting!

I went around to the far end of the shelter, zoomed MY cell phone camera in and snapped his photo! I tweeted the pics to OC Transpo and Ottawa Police and called the non emergency line as soon as I got on my connecting bus. This all took place within the 5 minutes I was waiting to transfer.

Also, when I called the non emergency line to report what happened the man on the phone told me there is nothing they could do to help, for all ‘we’ know the man liked the smell of my hair and was getting close for that reason and that it is not illegal to take pictures! No option to further report or to send an officer down there to check the guys camera…I continued to the university to do my radio show, baffled.

I tweeted to the Ottawa Police that I called and was brushed off. After the show I had received tweets from the Ottawa Police saying to call back to report. I spoke to Nancy, she listened to my experience and after the call I emailed my photos to the Police, noting the report # for them to distribute the man’s photos to the Sexual Assault Unit officers.

I've got your back!

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